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Fractions Server?
[Owner] Ampsy21 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Nov 2013
Myself and Danwoods5 have been thinking about creating a SeenCraft Fractions Server as well as the SeenCraft Towny Server.

If we are going to do this we will need someone to build a spawn for the server as myself and Danwoods5 will be busy setting up the plugins for the server.

If you are interested in building this spawn please comment on this post and I will message you with more information.

8th Nov 2013 [Moderator] Danned11
I'll be willing to build a spawn for u just lemme know when
3rd Nov 2013 [SuperMod] Golden
I am willing to build this ;D
If you are going to add the factions plugin.
If you are please Message me.
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