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Ampsy21's Guide To Towny Perms
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1st Nov 2013

Ampsy’s Guide To Towny Perms

This section is an all-inclusive guide to setting up and using Towny Perms for your plot or town, and also how to successfully set up and operate a Grinder while maintaining 100% control of it.

This thread will not cover 100% of commands, only the maintaining & controlling of perms to your liking. For a complete command listing of Towny perms, go to this link:

Understanding Permissions

Controlling Towny permissions can seem extremely confusing at first, but this should clear up any misconceptions or questions you may have and make things a lot easier. Here is a breakdown of how perms work, and some things to remember/understand when using them.

There are 3 types of perms:

1. Town perms (/town or /t)

2. Res perms (/res)

3. Plot perms (/plot)

They each follow the same syntax, but the commands are slightly different:

- /town set perm [ resident /outsider/ally] [build/destroy/itemuse/switch] [on/off]

- /res set perm [friend/outsider/ally] [build/destroy/itemuse/switch] [on/off]

- /plot set perm [friend/outsider/ally] [build/destroy/itemuse/switch] [on/off]

- /town toggle [fire/explosions/pvp/mob]

- /res toggle [fire/explosions/pvp/mob]

- /plot toggle [fire/explosions/pvp/mob]

Here’s a list of what each of those corresponds to:

- Resident = any player that is a resident of your town (not embassy owners)

- Friend = any player on your friends list (to see it, just type /res)

- Outsider = any player on server

- Ally = any player from an allied town in your nation

- Build = Place any block

- Destroy = Remove any block

- Itemuse = Use an item (fire charge, flint & steel)

- Switch = Open/use any door, pressure plate, button, lever, chest, etc…

- Fire = Fires spread from one block to another

- Explosions = TNT explosions

- PVP = Combat between players

- Mob = Mob activity on plot

Understand that these perms are structured

Because there are 3 sets of perms for 3 different types of situations, you must understand which perm overrides which. Here is the order in which is the easiest to think about them:

Towny < Res < Plot

Your  town  perms affect your town only. Specifically, your town perms are only applied to any plot that is marked ‘Unowned’ whether it is for sale or not.

Your  res  perms affect each of the plots  you  own anywhere. This means the plot says it IS owned, and not unowned.

Plot  perms can be applied specifically to one plot at a time to override certain perms that either town perms or res perms were previously applied to. Non mayors can apply this to any plot they own, and it is beneficial because they can keep the same perms with res perms on every plot they own, but can change 1 perm on 1 plot for a certain reason…

Here is an example to put this into perspective:

- I own 5 plots ( I am not a mayor), and I want my friends (on my friends list) to be able to use my chests on any plot I own, BUT one of the plots is a huge storage area and I DON’T want anyone to be able to do anything on it… then here is what you would type, in order.

While standing anywhere in the Towny server,  you would do:

/res set perm off 

(this sets all perms for all plots OFF under /res)

/res set perm friend switch on

(this sets the ability for your friends ONLY to be able to use chests, etc, on every plot you own)

Then,  walk over and stand on the plot you would like to apply overriding/plot perms to, then you would do:

/plot set perm friend switch off

(this turns off the ability for friends to use chests, etc, on this one plot only, which overrides the /res perms you set earlier)

You can apply a number of combinations of this depending on the amount of plots you own and what they are used for/how they are used. One thing to remember is that the ‘resident’ perm under /town perms is different than the ‘friend’ perm under /res and /plot perms and they do not correlate or mix.

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