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Welcome To SeenCraft Offical Website!

SeenCraft is a brand new minecraft server open to all minecraft users by using the ip: it is a 24/7 server and involver Towny, Survival and Economy which makes the server allot of fun you socialize with others on the server to create a friendly atmosphere on the server for all users and this server will be moderated a majority of the time so if anyone brakes any of the rules there will always be a strong consequence against the user this is only to make people comfortable on the server and have a good time during there play time on the server!

Who runs the server!
SeenCraft is owned by two people Ampsy21 and danwoods5 they both have allot of experience with minecraft and they will make sure the server is running at its best all of the time and being moderated correctly all staff will be hand picked by them and if any promotions/demotions are necessary it will be up to them

Server Details!
The server has a maximum capacity of 500 people and runs on a 16GB server with a intel i7 processor the server is located in the UK mainland for best performance. 
Fractions Server?
1st Nov 2013 · [Owner] Ampsy21 · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

Myself and Danwoods5 have been thinking about creating a SeenCraft Fractions Server as well as the SeenCraft Towny Server.

If we are going to do this we will need someone to build a spawn for the server as myself and Danwoods5 will be busy setting up the plugins for the server.

If you are interested in building this spawn please comment on this post and I will message you with more information.

Halloween Night 7PM Anyone is welcome!
30th Oct 2013 · [Admin] ManiacPig · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Tommorow At 7 PM ManiacPig Dan And Ampsy will run it.

These are the events which will be on the night:

Drop parties.
Skin contests
Halloween Builds.
And much more fun events.

if you would like to make any more events pls contact me or dan.  

If you cant make it there will be some DP's on saturday.
See ya then anyone is welcome!

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Welcome To Our New Site
28th Oct 2013 · [Owner] danwoods5 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Welcome to SeenCraft's new site, we are a new server opened on the 28th October 2013 we hope to go global very soon and get some members into the server we are prepared to open the server later on today and we hope to maintain the site and the server regularly we are currently on the search for moderators, builders, admins, techs and all sort of ranks specialized to a certain subject if you are interested in these ranks please use the application page to apply 

[Owner] danwoods5

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